Free Shared Web Hosting

Use Cases

done PHP

WordPress, vBulletin, XenForo, WHMCS, OpenCart, etc ..

done Ruby/Python

Django, Web2py, Flask, Bottle, Ruby on Rails

done NodeJS

Express.js, Angular SSR, Adonis.js, Meteor.js, etc…

done Static/Download Website

if you have a bunch of files want to share

done Mobile/Web REST API

If you are developing app and need a host

done PWA Apps

Angular, React, Vue.js, etc ..



storage 5 GB HDD Space

graphic_eq 50 GB Bandwidth

http Unlimited Domain(s)

location_on Frankfurt

shopping_cart Order For Free

Resources Limits

CPU: 800%
Memory: 1024M
IO: 4M/s
IOPS: 1024
NPROC: 100
EP: 20


done_all cPanel

Web hosting panel with hundreds of features.

done_all PHP

Old scripting language yet still very stable and popular.

done_all MySQL

MySQL replacement that focus on performance.

done_all SSH

A great way to manage your files if you are coming from console based environment .

done_all Daily Backups

Incremental daily backup of your databases/emails/files.

done_all NodeJS

You can run your NodeJS App through Apache Phusion module.

done_all Email Server

Secure email platform that can send/receive and fight spam emails .

done_all Cloudlinux

An OS that focuses on the security of your account as well as the stability of our servers.

done_all Free SSL

Secure your website from sniffing with our LetsEncrypt FREE ssl.

done_all Ruby

Install gems, run all the special ruby on rails applications .

done_all Python

We support and love python by design. let us host your application .

done_all Secure

We use enterprise level security software to block known vulnerabilities .

Terms of Free Service

Violation to any of below terms will result in a 24 hour warning notice and termination afterwards.

  • Only paid domains are allowed to be used on our free service.
  • 1 hosting account per user. if you provide services for your clients ask them to register with us. don’t register multiple accounts .
  • Main domain must maintain an active script/cms/page with useful contents, portfolio.


Why offering shared cpanel hosting for free ?

To help new webmasters shaping their new ideas.

Can I use your free service to host my business site ?

Absolutely you can.

How long will it take to activate my hosting account ?

Depends on our volume queue and the correctness of your entered info.

Can I host sites with heavy traffic ?

Can we put ads on your site ?