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My order was marked as fraud?

The question

Why my order is marked as fraud ?

The answer

First of all we are sorry if our decision is false positive. We mark your order as fraud for following reasons :

  1. Your domain contains a known trademark word or looks fishy from the first glance as an example:
  2. Lazy/Anonymous registration details, when you register with us and use fake name, address, we won’t able to onboard you and prefer to have a transparent customers than having anonymous ones. so as an example :
    First name: Big
    Last name: Panda
    Address 1: Not your concern drive 098
    Address 2: jjdsjfhhdsdsd
    Postal code: 12345
    And stuff like that is waste of time for both of us, so please refrain from wasting our time and find another anonymous host prq.se may be ?
  3. Using VPN during registration.
  4. You register from Country A but verify your phone using Country B phone number.
  5. Paying through Paypal using a different email than what you register with us, However if you have different billing details you need to create a new billing contact from your account settings.

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