How to re-install your VM using iPXE

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For now the only way to reinstall your VM is through iPXE. We believe this gives our customers more flexibility than providing ready-made images.

To reinstall your VM follow these steps :
1 – From your VM overview you will see this small panel which shows your VNC connection status. just click on (Connected to QEMU) to display a fully functional VNC web viewer.

2 – On VNC page I will assume your VM is already booted so send Ctrl + Alt + Delete using sidebar tools menu as per this Image :

3 – Quickly click on VNC Screen and press ESC to enter Boot menu and press 3 to choose iPXE. again quickly click on Ctrl + B to enter iPXE console. once that done enter this command:


The above command will configure your DHCP network. and since we provide NAT IP for new VMs it shall give you OK status. Once enter this command

chain --autofree

The above command will download the latest netboot iPXE Image and displays a bunch of installation sources you can choose from.

Mohammed H

Mohammed H

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