How to add more domains to your cPanel account

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  1. Login to your cPanel account.
  2. Go to Addon Domains page from Domains section (Figure 1) or,
    Sidebar statistics (Figure 2) or,
    Search function (Figure 3).
  3. On Addon domains page type your new domain name, subdomain, document root then click Add domain (Figure 4).
    subdomain and document root is auto filled based on your domain name, however sometimes it may conflict with your other subdomains, so cPanel gives you the ability to customize those just incase.
  4. Our server you may take 5 to 15 mins for your domain to get loaded into our webserver.
  5. Now all you need to do is uploading your new domain files to document root specified in Step 3 or you can click on Document root listed on Addon domains page and it will take you new domain file manager. (Figure 5).
  6. You will then need to point your new domain to our server by using assigned nameservers or by pointing it A record through external DNS service.
  7. Its as simple as that.
Mohammed H

Mohammed H

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