Standard VPS

Lower costs but more opportunities

For developers, small businesses and entrepreneurs

What we offer


Virtualized server
95 Month
  • Shared CPU vcores
  • 1X CPU Weight
  • 25GiB SSD Storage
  • 1GiB RAM
  • 1TiB Bandwidth


Virtualized Server
95 Month
  • Shared CPU vcores
  • 2X CPU Weight
  • 50GB SSD Storage
  • 2GiB RAM
  • 2TiB Bandwidth
best selling


Virtualized Server
95 Month
  • Shared CPU vcores
  • 3X CPU Weight
  • 75GiB SSD Storage
  • 3GiB RAM
  • 3TiB Bandwidth

Key features


Are there any other limits beside what listed on this page ?

No we don’t have any other limits in place. all limits are hardware based and not software .

Can you migrate my website to your servers without extra costs ?

Yes absolutely we can migrate your website to our server. even if you are using other platforms than cPanel like Directadmin, Plesk, LAMP, LEMP, etc…

What happens if my website hit your hardware limits ?

We will try to optimize your website/code/database to get the best out of our hardware. however if we won’t able to achieve that we will offer you best alternatives to keep your business running .

How long does it take to activate my account ?

All accounts are activated instantly after payment received. however since we are required to validate new account as KYC & AML regulations. we do that in 24/48 hours. failing to provide required documents will result service deactivation and partial refund.

Do you offer money back guarantee ?

Yes well if you don’t like our service we will refund you if  you are within 30 days of using our service. however depends on your payment method used we may have to deduct merchant fees from your refund.

Can you install X, Y, Z library/software ?

Yes we are always looking to improve our service by installing 3rd party needed libraries by our clients. kindly open a ticket with our sales department to find out.