Virtualized Servers

a virtualized machines with unrealistic performance

Use cases

Medium Traffic Websites

getting a lot of visitors that shared hosting can't handle you anymore, try VS


if you are looking to compile your source code in powerful non-stopping machines

Non-stopping Daemons

Have a daemon that you don't want it to go down

Heavy Read/Write operations

if you have a process that need heavy read and write operations


if you care about your privacy and would like to hide your online activity from ...

Any web based services




KVM Based Virtualization

Get the taste of real hardware performance

Weekly Imaging Backups

I will silently backup your VS image without interrupting your service

Full Root Access

You will get full root access to do anything.

1 gbit port speed

So you can upload/download your data at blazing fast speeds

Multi OS Support

Can support Linux/Windows/BSD

Managing Panel

You will get a custom panel with up-to-date features including Console Access to your VS.

Instant Delivery

If you pass Fraud checks you can get your VS delivered instantly

Fully Managed guarantee

Find more info about my fully managed offer here

Reverse DNS

You can request to change your IP RDNS at anytime with no limits


Register/Transfer your domain today