JBOD storage VPS

Huge space over spanned hard disks

For secondary backups, datasets and just any dump of data

What we offer


JBOD Storage VPS
95 Month
  • 4 Shared CPU Cores
  • 1X CPU share priority
  • 1125GB HDD Space
  • 1GB RAM
  • 10TB Bandwidth
  • Finland


JBOD Storage VPS
95 Month
  • 4 Shared CPU Cores
  • 2X CPU share priority
  • 2250GB HDD Space
  • 2GB RAM
  • 20TB Bandwidth
  • Finland
best selling


JBOD Storage VPS
95 Month
  • 4 Shared CPU Cores
  • 3X CPU share priority
  • 3375 GB HDD Space
  • 3GB RAM
  • 30TB Bandwidth
  • Finland

Key features

  • Weekly offsite backups Not Included

    Due to the nature and use case of JBOD offers. we don't include any kind of backup service.

  • Wolfixy control panel Included

    A web based control panel to manage KVM virtual machines with focus on performance profiling, custom ISO mounting and stability.

  • KVM Based Virtualization Included

    We use only KVM based servers. We think fully virtualized servers give our customers the best for their cash value.

  • DDoS Protected Included

    Our virtualized servers comes with upto 5Gbps ddos protection and will be activated automatically when ddos occurs.

  • IPv6 Included

    We assign each VPS with a /80 subnet of IPv6.

  • Web Console Included

    A web-based VNC client to manage your server from browser like managing your PC from home .

  • 1Gbit port speed Included

    Unless stated otherwise all our virtualized servers nods are equipped with a shared 1 gbit port speed to ensure our customers get highest speed even at peak times.

  • Mount ISO support Included

    Using our custom built web console you can mount a specific range of ISOs along with the ability to request custom ISO availability .


What do you mean by jbod ?

JBOD (Just bunch of disks) is a way to merge more than 1 HDD to have double, triple, quadruple space and I/O performance. however if one HDD fails all data will be lost.

Can you migrate my website to your servers without extra costs ?

Yes absolutely we can migrate your website to our server. even if you are using other platforms than cPanel like Directadmin, Plesk, LAMP, LEMP, etc…

What happens if one of hdds is failing ?

Even though its very unlikely to happen since we recycle servers after 1 – 3 years of usage. however if our monitoring system informs us about bad HDD we will inform our clients on affected node and start migrating affected VPSes to newer servers.

How long does it take to activate my account ?

That really depends on our servers availability . if you are in hurry we highly urge you to reach our sales team to inquire about delivery time for your needed service.

Do you offer money back guarantee ?

Yes well if you don’t like our service we will refund you if  you are within 30 days of using our service. however depends on your payment method used we may have to deduct merchant fees from your refund.

Can you install X, Y, Z library/software ?

Yes we are always looking to improve our service by installing 3rd party needed libraries by our clients. kindly open a ticket with our sales department to find out.