Standard Storage VPS

Huge space over RAID10 protected hard disks

For primary backups, datasets and just any dump of data

What we offer


Storage VPS
95 Month
  • Shared CPU Cores
  • 1X CPU share priority
  • 1TiB HDD Space
  • 1GiB RAM
  • 10TB Bandwidth
  • Germany


Storage VPS
95 Month
  • Shared CPU Cores
  • 2X CPU share priority
  • 2TiB HDD Space
  • 2GB RAM
  • 20TB Bandwidth
  • Germany
best selling


Storage VPS
95 Month
  • Shared CPU Cores
  • 3X CPU share priority
  • 3TiB GB HDD Space
  • 3GB RAM
  • 30TB Bandwidth
  • Germany

Key features

  • Wolfixy control panel Included

    A web based control panel to manage KVM virtual machines with focus on performance profiling, custom ISO mounting and stability.

  • KVM Based Virtualization Included

    We use only KVM based servers. We think fully virtualized servers give our customers the best for their cash value.

  • IPv6 Included

    We assign each VPS with a /80 subnet of IPv6.

  • Web Console Included

    A web-based VNC client to manage your server from browser like managing your PC from home .

  • 1Gbit shared port speed Included

    Unless stated otherwise all our virtualized servers nods are equipped with a shared 1 gbit port speed to ensure our customers get highest speed even at peak times.

  • Mount ISO support Included

    Using our custom built web console you can mount a specific range of ISOs along with the ability to request custom ISO availability .