How to Freelance from Iraq

As already mentioned in this post freelancer allow Iraqi citizens to signup and work from their home. now that the issue of payment withdrawal will be handled by its great opportunity if you are Graphic Designer, Mobile App Developer, Web Developer, Sysadmin, etc.. to show the world what Iraqi people can accomplish .

منصة فريلانسر تعمل كوسيط بين موظِفين وموظَفين حول العالم . وعلى الاكثر المنصة الاشهر التي تسمح للعراقيين بالعمل . فاذا تشوف روحك سبع وتكدر تشتغل شغل احترافي مع شركات عالمية تحتاج خبراتك فرجاء لا تقصر ودير بالك من القفاصة (لا تبدي بالشغل اذا ما تستلم مايل ستون )

Registration Steps

Click on this link The registration process is straightforward just an email, password, first and last name. however the verification process is pain in the *** .
So I will leave that on you and you have to be very careful with verification don’t try to use fake info, photoshopped images, etc.. they will discover that and ban you .

You will be asked to provide a picture of yourself holding a paper with a unique code provided to you in their platform along with your passport. then you will be asked for address verification provide them with your residence support document and you shall be done in 1 – 2 days .

اهم فقرة بهذا الموقع هو التحقق من العنوان لازم ترسل مضبطة تأييد سكن مترجمة ترجمة رسمية ويظهر بيها العنوان والاسم اللي استخدمتهم بتسجيل حسابك

Tips & Tricks

1 – You have limited bids per month so don’t spam projects that you are not sure you gonna accomplish. Also if a project have more than 3 bids you may want to skip it because the chance of being chosen is so low as you don’t have any reviews yet.

عدد مزايداتك على المشاريع محددة فلا تسوي سبام وتزايد على مشاريع مو ضمن اختصاصك . دائما ركز على المشاريع الجديدة اللي بيها 3 مزايدات فما دون لان فرصة اختيارك كلش قليلة .

2 – Try to learn from other freelancers proposals and beat their proposal. try to be an English professional .

حاول تشوف منافسيك بالمشروع واتعلم منهم شلون يكتبون اقتراحتهم . الانكليزية مالتك خل تكون احترافية.

3 – Don’t you ever start working on a project without being awarded the project and have a milestone created by the employer otherwise you will get scammed and support won’t help you .

لا تبدي تشتغل بالمشروع اذا ما تتم مكافئتك بالمشروع واذا الموظِف ما يسويلك مايل ستون (يعني تحجز فلوس المشروع لحد ما تخلص)

4 – Don’t you ever make deal over other means of communication like skype, telegram, email. you can however provide that after you are done with the project .

ابد لا تنطي معلومات الاتصال مالتك خارج فريلانسر وانت بعدك ما مخلص المشروع دائما تواصل مع الموظِف من خلال المحادثة اللي تنفتح بيناتكم لان اذا ما دفعلك فلوس الدعم الفني ما يساعدوك بدون دليل. الدليل مالتهم هي محادثتك

Earnings Withdrawal

Its great to see you are still reading this long post . however the minimum withdrawal is 30$ on freelancer and 35$ to order payoneer card so have that and do Express Withdrawal choose US and add your payoneer bank account along with bank address received by Payoneer support .

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