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Announcing Wolfixy a new VM control panel

We’re glad to introduce you to our latest stable version of Wolfixy control panel after 3 months of development . Wolfixy control panel allows our potential and existing clients to monitor and control their Virtual machines remotely.
The Wolfixy was a side project based on php and controls our virtualization platform (KVM) nodes through libvirt api via libssh2 library.

Wolfixy focuses on performance, reliability and security. We believe using an in-house control panel gives us and our clients a lot of customization opportunities along with the ability to use the latest OS updates to take full advantage of our new hardware technology.

Current feature set :

  • Full power control (Power off, Power on, Reboot).
  • Essential statistics reporting (Used CPU, Memory, Bandwidth and Disk space).
  • Graphs logging for virtual machine activities saved in RRD format.
  • Web console powered by noVNC HTML5 vnc client with the ability to mount custom ISO.
  • Native support for netboot.xyz iPXE network installation.

Even though Wolfixy comes with simple yet essential features for now we intend to develop it and integrate a lot industry-standard features like snapshots, live migration, etc in the very near future.

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